Thursday, 28 June 2007

de Ave Phoenice - Lactantius ( phoenix part ii )

welcome back, gentle reader.

just a quick report, a summary report, if you will, of the general state of play over the preceeding few days. I will do this type of report, hopefully, once a week. Probably more for me than for you but if you are interested, then the posts with this title will give you the birds eye view !! without any boring in depth analysis, bad beats, superb plays et all.

I will post hands beats donkey plays shark plays et all, but in other posts.

tuesday - 1 stt at betfair for $5, solid play, no walk of shame, no itm, ran my AJ into AQ, finito 6th

wednesday - 3 off stt at bodog for $3, solid play, no walk of shame, but itm. finito - two 2nd's and one 1st (2x$9 + 1x$15)

a step in the right direction.

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