Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Yersinia pestis

hello gentle reader

I feel 100% fcuking awful !

as a practical example, to get you into my mindset, so to speak ( please check with littleacorn about the weather in our neck of the woods today )
clear blue cloudless sky, sun shining brightly, little or no breeze and a very very pleasant 70f ...
I went home at lunchtime, made a cup of tea, popped 2 solpadeine plus into a glass of cold water, retired to the back garden and sat there, in the bright sunshine, alternately sipping tea then solpadeine .... so what big deal, I hear you cry ...

I was wearing a shirt, cashmere jumper and a fleece, zipped up, at the time, and I was fcuking freezing !

Thats how good I feel.

Just thought I'd drop by for a quick post. So if I am not online tonite for the NLHE MTT invasion, I apologise, but now you know why. If I still feel this bad tonite, I will, family willing, be in bed before 21.00 .... if I keep taking the solpadeine and cough mixture and whatever else I find in the house, I might, just might, make it online tonight.
To be honest, if it wasn't for the britBloggerment on Sunday I would not have been online then either. Monday night wasn't much better, bankroll management in place I might add, I managed a whole hours worth of play !! Net result - sat down at 'stars $5 buyin and left with .... correct, exactly $5 .... fullTilt was slightly worse, lost 68c on a $10 buy-in for my hours play. Last nite was ... need to think about this, my head is sooooo woolly at the moment ..... I think I was down a $1 at fullTilt and up a few cents at 'stars ... know what ? I really can't remember.
I do know that I played for a full 30mins last nite. As midnite appraoched, I thought "I really cant be arsed with this ! " ..... 2 mins later and I was all tucked up, goodnite indeed.

I had to laugh, though, me, in bed before the witching hour ....

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BurnleyMik said...

Hope you are feeling better soon mate. If you had let us know previously you were ill for the bloggerment , I am sure I few of the guys would have taken it easy on you!! ;-)

Atke care mate.