Monday, 11 June 2007

The Emperor's New Clothes

hello gentle reader

can I just say, off the bat so to speak, that if anyone wants to flame me, or indeed my play, on their blog ... please feel free to do so ! If you're talking about me, you are leaving someone else alone :)

well last night was britbloggerment 12 ... you know the one, that "friendly" little game hosted by Acorn & Mik, evryone made welcome and all that jazz. There were a couple of notable people who were ... AWOL ?
I'd love to give you a full run down but mrs dD decided she had to do a bit of surfing last nite ... until about 21.30, give or take a few minutes.
So my tournament is off to a flyer and to add insult to injury ... the bloody milkman is on my right and been stealing ... THIEF ! ... my chips for what, approx 35 minutes or so ? bastard !!

so congrats to simon "ugly burd" triple j for lucking out on poor old "bridesmaid" Spid ... again :)
and well done to me for lucking it into the last money spot. well, I probably deserved it ... missing the first half of the tourney ... sitting down with what ... about 7 chips the milkman left me :)

So, well played all and as usual the highest standard was reserved for the banter ! What did u expect with this many donkeys at the one table ?? I mean come on, there was one particular clownshoe ... playing AT and proclaiming it to be "the new hammer" ... I mean, what sort of Resdent donkey does that ?? ( snigger snigger)

I for one, had a great time, the patter was real funny as usual, even if the result was ... wrong ... :)

note to the, disillusioned, new hammer maestro :

Take your Jedi weapon !
Use it.
Strike me down with all of your hatred,
and your journey towards the dark side will be complete


BurnleyMik said...

LMFAO! Mate that was funny as hell!!!!!

Sorry for stealing your blinds, but you know I only play the cards I have and you were not even there early to defend them!! ;-)

You made an excellent comeback from so few chips to end up finishing third, so well done and GG!!



Amatay said...

how can u say that the liebert is ugly??? r u blind?? loooool

Anonymous said...


thanx for the kind comment, I was a bit chuffed myself.
Nice to see you too have a sense of humour :))



Anonymous said...


sometimes I think I am blind ... the way I played last nite .. yuck !
Nice to see some of the high fliers visiting and commenting !
Another man with a sense of humour, too :))



MiasDaddy said...

even more high flying now.