Monday, 18 June 2007

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Littleacornman said...

Well played Dudley! Congrats on an another fine win for Scotland!

Rosie said...

well done Dudley !

Amatay said...

well done res

The Cloud said...

Well played Sir!!

burnleymik said...

VERY well done! This is a poasitive note for all the fish... see anyone can win it!! ;o)

Nah, only kidding mate. You have been threatening a good performance for a while now, so not that suprising! The question is, are you good enough to defend it???



Wolverine Fan said...

Congratulations on taking it all down. Mikesaban was looking tough. Glad I could contribute to your win. I'll be back in July!!

Well played, sir.

Juice said...

dudley did right.

Stephen said...

Re your comment on my blog, if you want to get details on how people are searching for your blog, visit stats etc, go to You put a bit of code on your site and it tracks visits for you.

dD said...

thanks Acorn :) must be your turn to bust me ??

hi Rosie, long time no hear.

Amatay ! you do talk !! with your big win in the rebuy, you dont need the britBlogger title :)

thanks cloud ... where were you ? acorn stole yer dress !!

Mik - "poasitive" ?? is that more of that pwned shit ? he he he

juice baby :) nice to see you back with yer humour :))

dD said...


my calls looked horrendous, but in my defense ... damn it, ok :)

it was nice of you to help though ... hope you will be back ?



dD said...


thanks. will have a look.

BurnleyMik said...

Is this all we are getting? no description of how you Pwned us all? No bragging? No lapping up the publicity? You dissapoint me!!!!!!!

MILK it mate, its the only time you will beat me in a bloggerment again!!! ;o)