Thursday, 7 June 2007

Max Payne

last night was a strange night.
got home from work and fell asleep on the sofa ... had a few bites of dinner ... fell asleep on the sofa
... bathed the boys and got them into bed ... fell asleep ... on one of their beds ... kicked out of said bed by three year old complaining
daddy was taking his covers !!
went downstairs, popped more painkillers, mrs dD was watching rubbish on tv, so i did a few more household duties and then
fired up messenger about 22.30 ..... no-one home !! damn !
so on the blogger's behalf, since Wednesday is NLHE MTT night, I thought I'd give them a go !
since there was only me and no-one was watching, I thought I'd try the bargain basement ones
you know, the $1 ones ... on 'stars and fullTilt ... with the added twist that I would be doing the following -

all-in on the following hands - any pair or AT or better
limp with A rag, connectors and semi connectors in fact any crap if I had position !!
and if I hit the flop, in any shape or form, then it was all-in

so at a dollar a pop and the limited playing "strategy" even I could play two tables at once. and just as well i did !
the first thing I noticed was how tight these guys played ! and on both sites as well !
on 'stars it was 1500 starting chips, but at least the players there did not use up the full time allowance
before making a decision
on fullTilt it was 3000 starting chips but the players used the full time allowance for any decision !!

note to Rosie - I see now why someone suggested TURBO mtt's - assuming you are actually going to play "properly"

I think I was unlucky, in so far as I was plonked down on "tight" tables. I did notice the chip leaders, all from other tables, had doubled tripled (and more) up within the first ten minutes.
I managed only 6 mtt's in 3hrs !! thats how card dead I was ... lucky I was not playing cash tables !
Did I get in the money : no
Did I do the walk of shame : no

don't remember all the hands but a couple of hands I do remember ...

fullTilt - limp pre-flop with KTo in mid position, villain to my left calls and the bb checks
flop is lovely AQJ ... ooops .... all clubs ... i have no clubs ... fcuking hate that, the nut straight ... wrong suit !!
the bb checks and I check and the villain ... checks
turn is a blank ... the bb checks ... I push all-in about 6k chips ... villain thinks ... calls ... bb thinks ... folds
I new I was beat as soon as he called, but I also think he pushed the bb off the best hand !
and what did he call with ? how gooood do you think his flush was ?

2c3c .... I kid you not .... the river was a club as well, btw

donkey ? big balls ? great read ? oh well, next please

thats the only hand I remember from the fullTilt escapade and no wonder ! the play was very tight
and slow as slow could be !

so on to riverstars and my god the river was in full flow !

hands that I remember.
3rd hand and I find QQ in early position, by my own rules its all-in ... called by AA in late position, bugger !
but still no walk of shame !! the other busto hand at 'stars was my AQs v AKo .... he popped a K on the flop, fair enough.
and then this. this was the last tourney and I lasted until after the break ! an hour and twenty odd minutes ffs !

i find 66 in late position - i know, should have been all-in - i was the table chip leader with 8k chips but previous all-ins had been met with no resistance so i limped and the flop came down
458 semi-rainbow - there are only 3 of us in this hand and i have position - two checks and I am all-in

and i get a caller, she is all-in for 3.5k from early position as well, mr MP folds

so on that board, what does she call with ... a big pair ? hell, any pair ? oh oh maybe 67 ? has she flopped trips ?

she called with AJ off ... no, really !

how did she manage to win ? oh look, there's two clubs on the flop, she has the Jc ... oh look, there's a club on the turn
oh look, there's a club on the river and the uber irony ... the river was a 6c ... oh you could not make this up !
I thought it was a muppet call and I told her so ... "u muppet" is exactly what I typed ... no reply

the only satisfaction - she busto before the final table, I didn't :)
so the final table, down to 7, got 7k chips and I find JQ ... should limp but we've been playing for nearly an hour and a half !
sorry, way past my bedtime, called by AK and out I go

thanks for the fun, goodnite !


BurnleyMik said...

unlucky mate. Some people just cannot fold two "pretty" I mean you are correct, but considering the stakes, I would assume its the norm! I mean how do you fold two overs and a draw to the runner-runner flush??? ;o)

Don't worry mate, as they say, if she makes that play too many times it will end up seriously -EV for her.

Keep making the right moves and the chips will come-a-rollin!!



Cadmunkey said...

Oh man...opened this hoping that another Max Payne game was getting released...
Good post nevertheless :-)

MiasDaddy said...

'all-in on the following hands - any pair or AT or better'

If you call with A 10, there could be another 'blogger-gate' of epic proportions!! :-)

If you're on MSN later, I may be tempted to join you....

Cell 1919 said...

Love the description of the AJ off hand!

The four flush to the player who calls with nothing is one of the most frustrating way to suckout. Initial optimism on the flop turns to fear on the turn and utter pandemonium on the river.

You want to hit something but that monitor cost good money, so you can't...grrrrrrrrrrr

The Edge said...

2c3c aren't two pretty cards. 2c7d are pretty cards.

Kenn said...

sounds like you been having lots of 'fun'!!

unlucky mate