Friday, 15 June 2007

" Start Your Engines "

okely dokely boys and girls - lets get this show on the road !

compared to my usual meandering narratives, this is going to be oh so short !
(massive meander next, you have been warned)

in response to Mik's suggestion of trying to run a WSOPB (World Series of Online Poker Bloggers) event, I thought I'd better start harping on about it, sooner rather than later. Mik suggests about ten events so I 'll up the ante a little ... not that we are going to run all these ... but here is a list of the events being played at the little shindig across the pond as we speak. (can we get a better title ??)

mixed hold'em
PotLimit HE
hilo omaha hilo stud
7 card stud
NLHE short handed
limit hold'em
7 card stud hilo
limit 2-7 triple draw lowball

feel free to leave a comment, stating which events you would be interested in playing. Personally, I will give them all a go if the interest was there :) A little ambitious ? well, yes it is, but I'd be happy if we could garner enough interest to run only 7 events.
Again, which site to play on ? More than happy to play on several ... why give it all to one when we could spread the load. I suspect one of the thornier issues will be the starting times for events. My own playing time is certainly more limited and restricted, than most !
I can usually only play in the evening and after nine at that, if all goes well when I get home from work.
We could play one event each evening or even two events if there is only going to be limited numbers. Mik suggested that we need perhaps 20 people ... I think we could get away with a single full table for most events and still call it a success !! twenty people for multiple events is a lot of people and a lot of peoples time, methinks.
Cmon people, we are all poker players of some description, show a little faith.


burnleymik said...

YEah, i see your point mate with regards to the starting times. Regarding the tart though, i think it would mean having to deposit all over the place, hence I think it may be best to stick to one site.

I personally work nights at the moment, so there is no way I could play on the evenings, unless it was at the weekend.

It will be impossible to please everyone though, so I expect there will have to be some give and take.

All those events? Not a problem with me, but whether the sites will let you organise all those is a different matter.

Anyway, cheers for the support.

I migh wait a week or two and try it again, maybe making a list of the interested parties or something.... not sure. what are your thoughts?



dD said...

if you cannot paly week nights then its gotta be a weekend !

two events per night ?

definetly take note of interested parties and yeah, lets keep whoring for a week or three :)