Thursday, 28 June 2007

Robinson Crusoe .... or .... First Blood

welcome back, gentle reader, welcome back.

(( note : I wrote this post before all the shit hit the fan ))

what the fuck am I going to do, I mean, really, what the fuck am I going to do ?

well, there's oor kenny, spilling the personal beans, and organising a charity bash ...
da gambler, hopefully back on track, more or less starting from scratch ...
the nut man, losing a little here and there, but winning more and heading in the right direction ...
sourpuss, playing first time live and hitting the final table for a nice nice payout ...
the injun, rocking and rolling (and revelling) in his stt (and mtt?) challenges ...
and the badass female dog going great, so long as she avoids her tilt monster ...
and Mr & Mrs, both doing well, thank you very much ...

tangent : raisetheriver mob - live play, online play, tournies and a web site !
do any of you fcukers have a real job ??!!!!

and daddy ! oh daddy, what have I done to you daddy ?
he wants to come play the darkside ... my darkside ... he he he

"Take your Jedi weapon ! Use it.
Strike me down with all of your hatred,
and your journey towards the dark side will be complete"

plO8 and H.O.R.S.E. and then your training will, indeed, be complete
(sorry, but I just love that line ! get used to it, you'll see it more often than not)

to cap it all, jesus H christ on a fcuking bike ...
the mighty fuel55 reads my blog ... sometimes ... maybe ...
ffs he left an official comment, nay, advice actually, which is good enough for me !

so what's the problem ? what the hell am I babbling about ? what is the point ??
I got into online poker a couple or three years back. Lost a coupla k first year lost a coupla k second year and this year I am keeping my head above water, just.
and then I stumbled across a poker blog.
you know, I have zero recollection of what I was actually looking for when I found his blog ... luckily for me it was a rather good blog. Lurkerdom here I come ... and he put up with my silly questions ... some of his readership were kind enough to point me in the right direction :) and some of these guys were playing for serious money ! the fact that they acknowledged me was ... cool ... and he was a brit ... and so I started reading all sorts of poker blogs, mostly american,
then I stumbled across the nut man ... who did not seem too freaked that he had a regular lurker ... he he he. and then came the britbloggerment :) gave me a little focus, something to look forward to on a weekend.
you see, I was (am) the kid on the rubber raft, blown out to sea and no oars ! drifting idly along, playing whatever took my fancy of an evening. win a little lose a little win a lot lose a lot ... now you lot have seen me play. won the bloggerment twice, in the money a coupla times, so I dont think I am the worst player in the world, even tho' nlhe is not my game ... he he he doesn't mean I cant play the game tho' ... but why oh why am I drifting along ??
well, over the past few months, all my poker play has been accompanied by alcohol. now, I am not talking large quantities or falling down drunk style - but alcohol none the less and its been showing in my results.
I knew something was amiss and a quick count of my complete bankroll told the story - since 20th April this year, I have dropped $160 ... not a huge amount, acceptable for a confirmed recreational player ?
As I said, not huge amounts of alcohol, but enough to affect my judgement ... my play suffered and I also noticed I was staying up too late ... other things were starting to suffer as well ...

Not any more baby, not any more.

So now I have my own challenge. Sober poker only and get the 'roll back in the black.

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