Saturday, 2 June 2007

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Littleacorn has come up with an excellent suggestion !
( even tho' he wont be here this coming week ! )
nlhe mtt Turbo on Wednesday
HORSE / PLO8b on Thursday
and Bloggerment on a Sunday
I like his style ! this donkament festival seems an excellent idea.
I also think thats the best idea for the midweek games, invade an mtt, might win some cash and not just from bloggers !
At least with the invasion plan, we are not relying on bloggers to make up the numbers :)
I, for one, have signed on the dotted line for this idea.
So will see you all tomorrow nite for the bloggerment and if anyone is available, Wednesday night for a NLHE turbo MTT and Thursday night for some HORSE or PLO8b MTT shenanigans.
The devil may be in the detail of course !
what time on Wed & Thurs ? I'll be on from 21.30 onwards.
and which site ?
I have no real preferance as to the site, so any suggestions, post a comment.
oh, and spread the word !


Rosie said...

Does it really have to be a turbo MTT?

Anonymous said...

hello Rosie !!

no it does not have to be turbo !

I am more than willing to go with the flow, so whatever we fancy at the time, I suppose :)



BurnleyMik said...

Hello Monkey!!!!

I can't manage the midweek games unfortunately as I am back at work this week, but it does sound like a great idea and when I eventually get back off nights I would definately be up for it... In fact I am up to try and play any poker game!! lol

let us know


MiasDaddy said...

Hey dD, I'm up for dome midweekery fun and frolics. I guess if we all have a roll at PokerStars, makes sense to do it there.
I only play NL hold 'em so not up for another games - but look forward to taking over a turbo game.