Wednesday, 24 October 2007

mommy's home

welcome back, gentle reader

and where have you been ?

well nowhere, actually. been a super lazy sod while the family were down south. my excuse for not being away the whole time was the arrival of the new kitchen. :)

so last week was lost in a haze of booze and low limit poker. i wont bore you with the results in this post ( why bore you twice in the same post, when i can spread it about ). rather surprisingly i stuck to some sort of br management and did not blow my whole fcuking role ... easy to do for us low limiters considering the level of play and the sheer amount of beats you suffer at this level.

drop by cell1919 blog and read his post " a game of chance " and you'll get the idea.

not only lazy, btw, selfish as well. hardly read a blog last week, far less make the effort to post on my own. lack of posts are understandable when the weans are at home, but when you're home alone ??

jesus, could hardly believe i missed the rTr season 1 finale ... would have been nice to play, but as usual, did not get away early enough and when you lot were sitting down to play i was on the road, somewhere north of doncaster ... bugger.

jesus, could hardly believe my "luck" second week running ... missed the gawd damn britBlogger and the gawd damn dTd game ... oh yes, that weekend was so lucky, NOT

anyone have a decent report on the dTd game ? and how did the britBlogger go ?

hopeful that this Sunday will be a little more relaxed and i can join you again, in both games ...

so, on holiday for a week. to much beer, to much poker, to many late nights, way to many sleeping lates ... its a real bugger to go back to work ! lmfao what a pain ! got to go to bed at a decent hour and got to get up "early" ... what a shock to the system !

here is another shock ...

aint played a single game of poker,

had a single beer

or a late night ...

since Friday !!

prolly a good thing, a nice break from the insanity of nanostakes poker ...

whats left of my liver thinks its good as well.

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BurnleyMik said...

RTR game- Cogs won it. Bloggermnet..... yours truly made it back-to-back wins!!! Yeeeha!

My Dyson-like suction abilities are awesome at the moment!! HAHA