Monday, 1 October 2007

if you can't beat 'em

welcome back, gentle reader.

cruising about the blogs today and for some reason thought i'd have a look at some of the links that others have, just to see what you guys are reading :)
i know, i am a nosy git.
first stop was acorns first link. this blogger was on about making posts in general and how, after being denied access to blogger, he now usually posted via email, guess where this post comes from.......

played the rTr league on friday night, all i can say is i outlasted the league leader and as "luck" would have it, the chap who won was one of the few people who could overtake ricky and I atop the table ... bah !
well done acorn ! ( i do wish you'd stop letting nacho play ... )
speaking of nacho, i publicly apologise to you, kind dog. the story goes like this ....
wanting to nip out to grab a "real" coffee on saturday morning, i tried in vain to slip out the house but was spotted by the boys. normally i do take them with me, but lunch was fast approaching and if i take them along for the ride, then a quick trip to the coffee shop turns into a 40min round trip.
so i came up with the immortal line "off to see a man about a dog" .......
and was then bombarded by dog questions ... to stem the tide and make good my escape, i "invented" nacho-the-big-bad-dog-who-eats-little-boys-for-lunch...worked a treat, since neither of them are overly kean on big dogs, ho hum:)
sooooo its all you fault zagga !
for posting a picture of the fine looking nacho ......

post coffee note : when i returned clutching two coffee's for myself and H, iwas given a superb hugs-n-kisses welcome from the boys ... for not being eaten :)

... oh yeah, poker. so i played rubbish on friday and after such a good build up in the rTr newsletter ... fcuking jinxed now.
my challenge to complete 45 sit-n-go on FT continues, slowly, update soon.

and my tourney jinx, when playing u lot, came into full effect in the bloggerment. to say i played like a donkey is a slight understatement. no fcuking idea at all about some of my plays. and to be caught in the manner i was, with a hidden set ... ffs hee haw right enough.
made me look a complete fcuking donk and made his play look excellent.
come to think of it, last week rosie put me all in with her set, can u dodge 13-outs once dear girl ? damn right she could, well she did have 666 ....... :(
and poor stephen, he could not dodge my 15-outs twice, with his on the flop winning 77 :)
one good ?? call and ste is crippled, one really really bad play (by me, that is) and out i go.

in the end, justice was served on stephen's behalf.


Littleacornman said...

LOL Dd! Nacho says Woooooooooof!

exile57 said...

Last time I post a blog for you and you don't go read it, lol ;)