Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Return of the Exile

"pray tell, messenger. you have news ?"

"ney, sire"

"none ? the exile has not returned ?"

"ney, sire ... but ... "

"but what messenger ! do not refrain from your King ! "

"... it is the Exile, sire ... "

"tell me now ! afore i have ye drawn and quartered ! do not shy from me, good or ill tidings otherwise ! "

"she has been spotted, sire ... at the games of recent ... in yonder southern kingdom ... "

"and whose company doth she attend ? was she well ? "

"aye sire, she appeared well and attended by noble sir Cell, sire "

"that is good. she fayres well ... and in noble company. we hope she will bless us with her company ... soon ... one wonders if she will be in attendance at the Court of Nottingham ..."

" ... the other matter, sire ... there is news also ... "

"i had almost forgotten him, what news messenger ? "

"he is here, sire "

"he is here ? now ? and you keep him waiting ? do not dally, present him immediately ! "

... the heralds trumpet vigourously ...

"i have returned sire. for a short time only ... with a bawdy tale or two ... "

"i welcome thee with open arms ! you are always welcome in my court ... you know i await news of thee with the same anxiety as a father awaits news of a lost son ...

welcome back sir daGambler ! "

"it is good to know i am most welcome in your court sire, although some may not be so ... "

"good sir, whom have you crossed swords with ? or do i detect the hands of a fayre maiden ... "

"i see you are as intuit as ever, sire ! it seems i have upset the fayre maiden of the northern eastern kingdom, though unwitting on my part, she has taken the jest to her bosom sire ... "

"sometimes you are misunderstood sir daGambler although your footfall around the table can be somewhat ... heavy."

"it was a merry time for all sire ... with much ale and hilarity ... "

"and the fayre maiden speaks ill of you and your brethern ? "

"twould appear we were ... exuberant, sire ... "

"problems with maidens ... a simple apology, sir, is all that advice i can think or construe ... "

"i pray you are correct sire ! all this talk makes a man thirsty ...... "

"my manners desert me ! let us consume ales and you may recant some of your more bawdy tales to me ....... and let us agree to make your visits more prompt !

we do not wish to appear at the Court of Nottingham as strangers ! "


BurnleyMik said...

Sometimes mate I wonder about you!!! ;o)

The link I promised:

MAIR said...

I sent you the link on RTR dD with some further info. Good luck wi the 3 column :)

Cell 1919 said...

You and The Cloud have been drawing from the same ale pump!

Tee hee :)