Thursday, 1 November 2012

.. it is now !

welcome back

October is over. I won the bet. The bet has been paid. Nice one sir and thanks for such prompt payment. I actually want to thank him more for providing me with the much needed motivation.
Two pictures for you. First is all the ca$h hands I played, second is filtered to show only 2c tables.

Both look alright but the 2c filter kinda smooths things out. Yes I know its not a lot of money but it is if you count it in bb's. Its 3750 bb's if you can't be bothered doing the math.
So I have $380 and I will continue to donk the micro's until I get five hundred, then its a big jump to 25c tables. The 5c and 10c tables are always dead (thanks 'stars for making them all "fast" , thru your greed, you have all but fucking killed them) so not much option if I want to play higher. The other eek factor about the next level is most tables are no-limit. Interesting.
I had to laugh tho when I checked my 'stars balance tonight. I'd been told the money had been sent but the cashier showed only $380 .... expected it to say $430 .... hmmmm .... surely 'stars would just add the money to my balance in USD ? err no. I clicked the GBP tab and there it was, fifty quid, lol.
Once (if !!) I can get my balance up to 1k in Brit pounds, I'll just manage the thing in said Brit pounds. Makes it 'ell of a lot easier when it comes to withdrawals. Sorry blood sucking leeches bankers, no more "fees" for converting US$ deposits to Brit pounds when they hit my account.

pleasant dreams

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