Friday, 28 September 2012

eek !

welcome back

so I've shoved 'em all-in and so far I have one caller. Action on you ....

I'm actually quite glad, tbh, as it gives me something to aim at, some much needed motivation of which I've sorely been lacking this year. (just this year ??!! - Ed) So far, it's thanks to this degen, from this degen right here. This really is uber ironic, you don't know the half of it, lol.

It's quite simple. I'll play the whole month of October in an unusually sober state. If my bankroll goes up, I win.
If it goes down, you win.

I'll put up £50.  (hee haw in the grand scheme but I do not have fifty notes .. to burn, so to speak)

All my play will be on 'stars as its the only place I have more than twenty bucks, lol. I will post here and on the the forum when I'll be playing. Search feature is usually on anyway. Any tournies I play, you'll have to track via sharkscope. I would expect that I'll mostly play cash and will post results from pokerTracker once or twice a week. I say "expect" because thats what I usually degen around in but who knows ? Challenges often throw up the unexpected.

and how will you know that I am not "cheating" and necking ale ? That's the easy part .. if you look me up, late of an evening and I'm giving it away, playing too many hands with crap cards and going to showdown, you'll know I'm "cheating" and the money will be yours, that's right, I would forfeit the challenge and the caller or callers, win the bet.

Does that cover it bro ? Any suggestions or rules you feel should be in play, drop 'em in the comments, email or pm on the forum.

Roll on Monday, until then, action is still on you ....

pleasant dreams


Littleacornman said...

Good luck with that Dudley.Not sure how I'd get on without a smoke when playing.Not sure I want to know either!

NoCash said...

im in bitch. please go broke