Wednesday, 25 April 2012

day 2 .. not quite as loud lol

welcome back

sorry, no pretty pictures today as I've no tracking software for last nights shenanigans .. so last night I joined up with the stud 8 cash players lol oh and one stud 8 mtt (small field, forum game)
lets get the mtt oot the way .. I was more than a little pissed that I was the bubble boy, busting out in fifth spot, meh. It is the ironman series so the points are welcome. Especially since the league leader scored way less points than I did :)
On the cash front I made a couple of dollars which equates to 24 big bets or there abouts.

For your info the 8c cash games run this way .... obligatory 1c ante, bring in was 2c and small bets 4c, big bets 8c .... and as my co-commentator and I are always saying, its amazing how big the pots get even tho it is "only" limit :)

The game plays way quicker than 08 even tho it was 8-handed play. That was the first surprise. Then I could not for the life of me get that stoopid table-ninja to work at all on the cash games .. fine on the mtt front .... pfffft. So i had to resort to using 'stars own hotkeys .... sometimes they worked, sometimes not. The one really annoying thing they would not do was post the bring-in .... wtf ?? The other thing I noticed, apart from no-one at any table ever believed that this new fish had half a clue as to what he was doing, was the fact that the players were exceedingly flighty. The player turnaround was quite amazing .... and probably quite a shock to them when they left one table to go to another and I'd be sat there too, lol.
Imagine the new fish multitabling ! what is the world coming to ?!

I played across 5-tables, all 8c ones of course but I was exceptionally pleased that I did not get skinned considering this was my very first foray into the murky world of the stud player.

pleasant dreams


rubbish said...

Hi Dave, not long til you're sitting at the nose bleed tables.

dD said...

lmfao .... round about 2060 ish ....

Littleacornman said...

I thought Stud was a game played by really old men.Oh wait a minute..... ;-)