Thursday, 26 April 2012

day 3 .. not lol at all

welcome back
sticking to my new rigorous strategy, last nite it was the turn of the 5-card draw brigade to quake in their fishy bowls take my monies, lol .. but, hey, at least i stuck with the strategy.
Lessons .. decide how much to sit down with before you sit down ! being limit, one misclick and you'll be sat there wi your entire roll, oops.
so I dropped about $8.50 or two buy-ins, all in the name of education. Table Ninja would not play at all, fml, so it was a lot of frantic mouse action .. being 6-handed and not a lot of people paying the blinds and going to the draw makes it a fast game .. it was a bit z00mish .. most players folding to a raise .. next hand please !
Being new, I found it difficult to even beat the blinds never mind the fucking fish ! The other thing I found difficult whist multitabling was clicking the bet/call button and then having to click on the cards I wanted to discard .. it was a bit frantic but I hope to get used to it the more I play .. or give it up as a bad joke, time will tell.
First session in the bag and a whole lot ?? of experience too. I'll be back in a week or so you 5-card-fish    <*)))))-{

A few days off and I'll be back on strategy :) different game of course, but I'll let you know.

pleasant dreams

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