Tuesday, 24 April 2012

day 1 report .... lol

welcome back

and so the alcohol-fuelled bankroll-busting-binge has come to an abrupt end, thank you very much. No, I'm not completely busto but I might as well be, lol. Although to be fair, I did have quite a bit of fun along the way :)
It could be a few weeks, a few months more like ! been playing all the variations 'stars has to offer .. the main problem is playing them all at the same time ! I find it quite difficult to multitable 08 and omaha .. same with 2-7 draw and 5-card draw .... lmfao, fucking nightmare.
I even threw in some nlhe .. no, really. Played a few of those 10c 360 runner things .. they, surprisingly, could actually be very profitable .. taking 90mins to wrap up a 4th place for 26 buy-in profit, they would be so "easy" to multitable .. hmmmm
Sorry, I digress. Last night I returned to my "home" .. good old cash 08.
Played across 16 tables (not all at once) consisting of 2c, z00m and 25c .. something close to 650 hands at 2c, 100 hands at z00m and 50 hands at 25c .... I, surprisingly, was not overly rusty and managed to turn a profit.
A picture, as they say, paints lots of words and I've waffled enuf as it is ....

pleasant dreams

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