Sunday, 25 March 2012

the shinobi and the hot-key

welcome back.

anyone been up to much ? I see our latest mtt grinder has been doing quite well .. jammy git ! lol. I've actually been doing much the same, not wi the same success, lol. but Friday night was a beer-free session .. we'll get back to that. and last night was a beer-free session also .. I know, wtf ? seriously, wtf ??
I was actually feeling tired last night and actually did the sensible thing and only played 6 games .. beer in hand and I've have been giving it away till yawn time in the am. Last night involved omaha, HORSE, 8-game, 2-7 triple draw, badugi and .... 5-card draw, I've never played draw in my life ! and this is without beer !

(clocks forward, his mrs now oot the bathroom, so its his turn. I'm sure he'll be back to finish this "epic" tale - Ed)

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