Thursday, 5 January 2012

nightmares and hero worship

welcome back

May I just wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year !

now surely the preceding 3 month poker hell cant continue, can it ? well, it will if I let it. at the mo its a poker sandstorm .. cant see a fucking thing and no idea which direction to take, lol. as the amAfish would say, sort yourself out fish !
been playing all over the place .. cash, stt's, mtt's, forum games .. and it shows, what a fucking fish, honestly !
I really really will have to decide what to play and when to play it, and stick to it, lol .. so easy to say, ho hum .... which leads me on to ....

you know, there are quite a few players/bloggers that I admire, hell I've even met a few. Mostly all winners (aren't we all, lol) and I'm sure the odd one or two who ain't. I probably admire them most for their dedication .. then again, if your an online pro ....
but they go about their grind and if you can do that for a year, kudos ! now they are not all pro's, not by a long shot. I mean, there are part timers and recreational donks .. zagga and jonesUcunt spring to mind , lol. there are of course others, the likes of theRant and closer to home there's the yellow belly JA's (thats a ref to his location, not his status lmfao)
but they all go about there business in a certain fashion which is one or four steps up from my degen beer drinking poker playing attempt !! (my only defence is the fact I have not reloaded in 3 years, honest)

and in summation m'lud .. knock it on the head and start rinsing the fish and stop fucking feeding them

pleasant dreams


Rob said...

Happy new year to you too. That's an interesting saying "rinsing the fish" I hadn't heard that before. Good luck at the tables every swing eventually ends.

Pearson Airport Taxi said...

Wish you the same may you see lot of success in this year

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rubbish said...

Blwydden Newydd Dda you little cnut. Any plans of a meet in 2012?