Tuesday, 9 October 2012

week in pictures

welcome back

First week in the books. Overall I'm quite happy with the way I've been playing. As you can see, the 'roll is heading in, generally, the right direction.
Not too impressed by my wee foray into fifty50 land but hey ho. Also not overly impressed with my volume. It could be so much better. Something to ponder over the coming weekend since that's the times when my volume is shockingly bad.

I've also noticed that the accrual of VPP's at microstakes is virtually non-existant. At my current rate I'd need to play ten times the amount of hands played to get to the next level. Chances of that happening ? Thought not.

Starting with $310, a big fat zero vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

Currently $303, a not big fat 83 vpp's and a very, very heavy bronze star.

pleasant dreams


NoCash said...

start losing now pls

NoCash said...

or losing more anyway