Friday, 18 June 2010

finally, evening Nacho !

welcome back.

finally caught up with
zagga last night. a few beers, the footie and a good chinwag, nacho too ! all in all a good night. he even treated me to 3 turbo's on party. he busted in one then crashed out the second when KK cracked his AA :(
he did get HU in his third but the fishy villain couldn't fold some trash which caught the flop, obv :(

thing is, zagga makes it look all to easy. always good to learn from someone who knows what they're doing ! good stuff.

after that i cycled (is it illegal to be over the limit on a push bike ??) off home and inspired by the great man, i fired up some micro cash 08 ....

actually played reasonably well, and over 200 hands I managed to come out ahead. roughly +180bb at the 2c level and +130bb at the 5c level.

hand of the evening ....

on a [Ks 7c 9c Ts Td] board my [Kc 3h Kh Qh] is good v [6s 7s 8c 8s]

.... and its not my fault the villain did not defend his turned straight :)

pleasant dreams.


Littleacornman said...

Good times mate.Looking forward to next weeks live game!

Cell 1919 said...

Now then matey...nice to know we're both still alive!

It's sure better than the alternative ;)