Friday, 25 June 2010

evening Nacho ! .... oh and the Big Chap too

welcome back.

caught up with zagga again the other night. live poker had been arranged previously but his special visitor (no, not Nacho ffs) didn't have the moola after an expensive holiday .... somewhere nice, I hope, Big Chap !

nice too see you again mate, looking good .... a few extra pounds in tow, but hey, none of us getting any younger ! (that includes you zagga !) yes the same Big Chap who hosted the Glasgow live game, while living in the middle of nowhere .... and he's moved house too .... to another middle of nowhere !! some people might think you a little antisocial Big Chap lol :)

so no poker but the footie was on .... but so was THAT tennis match, lol. sublime to the redic but having watched so much of it, we just couldn't stop lol

and the bastards didn't have the decency to finish while we watched !! nh-gg-wp.

so the live poker has been postponed for a week and the Big Chap may or may not join us. come on mate, the more the merrier !
so my absolute last chance for live poker in Glasgow next week (zagga take note !) lets hope its a goer .... and I'm not gigli !

pleasant dreams

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