Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Northern Lights

welcome baaaack.

(live game next week Zag, get you're arse in gear ffs :)

i'm in Aberdeen for a few nights. in a cheap hotel chain, advertised by a certain ex comedian. he may still claim to be such, but after hearing him voiceover a childrens tv series ....

the ******* *** chain are thieving fuckers.

£10 facking quid for 24hrs of internet access ! wtf ? seriously, wtf ?

their only saving grace, the Boddingtons is only £2.65 a pint. cheapest pint i've had in a hotel for many a year !

so, 4 pints or net access ....

right, where's that tv remote you thieving cunts.


rubbish said...

Exactly how many wanks are you having a day?

Frank Ballard said...
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