Thursday, 27 May 2010

resevoir dogs, random, mrs hudson v miss jean brodie, drunk .. again, RIO, quads, boys from the black stuff, the truth the whole truth and ....

welcome back.

seems i have been away for ages and now i have no idea where to begin ....

start with the important shit ? yeesh, there are a few items contesting that spot, or not, depending on your point of view :)

unless you're self employed, then "working for the man" is jolly important. well it should be since being unemployed must be a fucking nightmare. then again, a few years back .... cough cough .... my mate would not look for a job for love nor money ! we were all like wtf ?? but no, he was happy signing on, lol.
my manager phones me while i was on site today. " dD, once this contract finishes in a week or two, we basically have f/all for you, so rather than sit in the office, with your thumb up your arse, i've spoken to head office (scotland ffs) who have some work .... in Aberdeen .... " . have to admit being kinda speechless the rest of the day, sigh.
may not be too bad though. I've SOLD my house. so technically, come July, I wont need "the man" .... we could just carry on living with the mother-in-law ..... but the stress is really showing in my mrs now and its an open bet as to who she murders first .... me, mummy or the kids !

how's that for timing, sell the house, working in York (you think ? - ed) and the first job is in Aberdeen !

she has already got her eye on a new property. fair enough. i've told her if our relationship dont improve i'm vacating to the couch ! had plenty practice so no worries there lol. my complaint is she does a fair old impersonation of mrs hudson & miss jean brodie ! fml, stop doing that ffs, it drives me fucking insane !

that insanity carries over to poker. not to mention a few ales along with it. but when you've had a few, its ok to drop $10 at that table because you're $5 up on the other table ! makes perfect sense when you're half pished !
thats the worst, i've kinda accepted i'm "only" a recreational donk and so it doesn't matter if i lose, sigh. annoys the fucking life out of me though because i know if i could get half way to stability i could do so much better. hmmmm no one rocking that boat except yours truly. think if was a complete cunt and dumped her, i'd do any better ? probably spunk off the other half of my 'roll on guilt tilt !
since i changed my omaha style, i've been donating at cash 8-game ! go figure ! seems there are hoddem donkeys everywhere ! now what was that hand .... oh aye, jacks v A8 (sorry Zag, we all make mistakes) on a Jx8 flop, all the ca$h goes in .... turn, an 8, river, oh yes, an 8 .... pfffft. the ale in me decided that that would be a good time to go play higher, ho hum, boom headshot ! ah well, still have a few hundred on stars and similar on tilt and same again spread across a zillion other accounts.

you wont know it, but i've just visited the rain soaked car park .... fire alarm, sigh. guessed it was a false alarm as i stumbled across the car park and noticed a load of guests sitting in the restaurant finishing their fucking a-la-carte evening meal, bastards. when i came back in i asked reception .... yes, false alarm. the chef apparently overdid some fuckers lobster or some such nonsense.
great fire alarm. i am now technically deaf in both fucking ears.

i'm in the best western Walworth Castle Hotel. very nice. big room, en suite and a huge fuck-off lcd-tv. wall mounted of course. i'm up on the top floor, so net access is a bit ropey, but hey, who's complaining, the-man is paying. better enjoy it since it looks like this is the last jaunt off the back of the ECML job i'll be having for a while.

i think thats enough pish for one post. so taking the whole family back to EK next week. really hope Zag is playing the turbo game in glasgow at some point. by the middle of the week i will so need a break lol. ok, there's a beer with my name on it and the seat marked "donk" has been reserved.

by the by, i swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and .... post more often.

pleasant dreams.


Littleacornman said...

Aghhh last week?!! Next time you're in EK we'll get our arses in gear and get a game of poker for sure mate!

dD said...

n1, i'm Aberdeen this week, EK next week, I'll deffo text this time !!