Sunday, 25 April 2010

Conspiracy Theory

welcome back.

A joining or acting together, as if by sinister design

we'll get back to that statement in a moment. for the time being I've admitted defeat at the 10/25. playing some stone cold sober poker has brought a few items up. the simplest of which is the way I've been playing this level. I'm quite simply not 'rolled for it. If I'm not 'rolled for it, then its pretty much a given that I'm playing scared and am very very risk averse. Waiting for that monster hand to appear and thus playing tighter than a nun's snatch. Not good at cash tables.

Conspiracy Theory (patent pending #422772277242)

Now, over the last week I have noticed something. When I raised pre, the villains are folding, leaving me high and dry, winning the blinds, thats a 60c pot, wowser. They are doing this 80% plus of the time. I know, I checked. Also, limping into a pot, then betting any street, whether thats a min bet, pot bet or all-in, the villains are folding 80% of the time. I'm talking about the regulars here btw.
I put my theory to the test .... with 6 of us seeing a flop, the board running out high, flushed and super scary, I have complete air, btw, I min bet 25c into a pot of about $4.50 .... and all 5 folded, lmfao, seriously, lmfao. There were 3 regs in the hand and I reckon the other 2 fish just thought "if they're folding against this fish, me too !"
How the fuck are you supposed to win ? (the other 20% they are holding monsters and I get royally fucked lol)

Taking the 20 buy-in rule - to play 10/25 I need $500 .... now this is where I get a tad confused .... is that $500 per table ? I suppose it is if you subscribe to the 5% rule ie no more than 5% of your 'roll in play at any one time.
So, having multiple tables opened, I was putting 30-40% of my 'roll on the line. Not good.

Last night I dropped down to the 1/2 (lol) but have changed my style of play. Just much more aggro, basically. Which is no problem, having been used to putting $25 on the line, its easy enough with only $5 behind you. Strictly speaking, I am still breaking the 5% rule .... 20 buy-ins per table says I should have a 'roll of nearly $1k if I want to seriously multi-table, lmfao, $1k indeed, I'll get there eventually !
I started off just opening all the normal speed tables, not to many, then added in some "fast" tables ..... lmfao, after only one orbit on the 3 fast tables I opened, I left ! Maybe its my age, but I just do not like the "fast" tables lol.
As the tables filled, I opened them up. Thats another thing I do not like .... short handed .... so I only sit down when the table is full.
Managed to rack up 1400 hands, net result being a loss (lol) of 37c. Trying to be more LAG than woose, I ran into a few monster hands and a few monster donks. You know the type. Call off their stack with top two and no low. So goes it I suppose. Even though its a loss, still pleased with the way I played. If said donks could have let some of those hands go it would easily have been a profitable night :)
Just to keep my hand in, so to speak and also to let the 10/25'ers know that I'm still about, I did keep one 10/25 table running. Managing just over 100 hands .... net result being a profit of $15 .... go figure. Taking my new LAG (lol) style to the bigger table obv worked !
lol it would have been a hell of a night if the villain in a $40 pot had not held A2 as I did ! However, the two villains in a $12 pot who called my river bet on a flushed AND paired board holding only 2-pair ???? I had the flush .... 4-high lmfao, you just couldn't make this up.

The other thing you can't make up is how much of a WOOSE I have been at the 10/25 .... fml, shocking, absolutely fucking shocking !!
running vp$ip 19 and pfr% 1.5 .... that really is a fucking disgrace !

Last night ....

10/25 .... vp$ip 37 and pfr 24% .... ( a world of difference )
1/2 .... .... vp$ip 26 and pfr 15% .... ( still needs some work here )

isn't PT wonderful. certainly an eye opener and, of course, it pulls no punches. not nice to read (or admit) but a real wake up call if ever there was one.

pleasant dreams.


donnie said...

you have these moments dude. good reading as always. aggression always tames the demons!

Ben said...

Great post, and agree with Donnie - be aggressive and win win win.

Willie Lewis said...
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