Sunday, 9 February 2014

Returning to old haunts

welcome back

I've been expanding my pokerr horizons and dabbling with that there 8-game. I put in a bit of practise at the fun tables :) And if ever the saying "no fold button, huh ?" were true, it's never truer than at the fun tables, lol.
Being the nit I am though, I try to play as if the fun money mattered. I'm pretty much the only player who can fold pre-flop at these tables. Smashed it for a while, then got bad beat the fuck out the door and gave it all back, obv. It is fun though.
Then I gave it a go at the cash tables. I think I'll do just fine but I do need to learn to walk before trying to run. That just equates to sticking to 20c/40c while I build up a decent sample size whilst staying the fuck away from 50c/$1 tables. (I was up a buy-in and a half at $1 table, got cocky, gave it all back, oops).
At the moment I only have a nano sized sample to go with the nano stakes buy-in.

pleasant dreams

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