Thursday, 17 January 2008

days that shook the world - pt 3

welcome back, gentle reader

fuck me, it really got worse ...

as no2 son got better, she sstopped eating and drinking and on the 2nd day .......

sitting in my lap, sleeping, she had a seizure ...

999 ... they took her to Boston Hospital.

i cannot describe how useless i felt, following the ambulance, knowing she was in ther ... sick ... and only 14 months old

it really broke my heart to see her that way. we got to A&E and they said she will be staying in. the docs put her on a drip, hooked her up to several monitors ... and i think i prayed

for the first 2 days she never moved , never stirred.

on the outside. i was a poker player ... on the inside ... i was frightened, so frightened..

on the third day she came round ... i so wanted to grab her and sqeeze her tight, tell her i loved her and let her her know mommy and daddy were there. i could only hold her hand and tell her.

the doc took blood, urine and the smelly stuff. thankfully. all negative. she stil has to go for a few scans ... ecg ?? and mri ??

on day 6 i got my baby home .... i am sure i look 55 now


Anonymous said...

i thought you WERE 55!?

In all seriousness though, im glad to hear your kid is alright.

Head up.


Cell 1919 said...

You what?

What a horrible time you must have had. I do so hope it all ends OK.

Can't imagine how I'd be if it happened to my little fella.


MAIR said...

Im really sorry you have gone through all that dD, it mustve been absolute hell. Glad to see they both are on the mend and I hope all goes well with the wee one's scans.

Anonymous said...

mate thinking of you all the best to the little girl hope she gets better soon!!


Dremeber said...

Ouch. Though times.
Glad to read that they all are better.
Can't imagine the stress you were going through.