Wednesday, 30 April 2008

nightmare on elm street - (ccna) pt1

welcome back, gentle reader.

(why has this pic fucked up my formatting ? grrrrr )

that little pic tells the story of my pokerless life for the last fortnight !

and that is just module 1 ... only 3 more to go !

ah the nightmare ??

ok, since you asked. btw passmark is 70% ... or 35 whole questions from 50 ... weighted questions ... meh !

sat the module one final exam tonight and attained the 70% passmark, big fcuking deal i hear you mutter...
fair comment, except ... its an online exam, 50 questions, 1hr 15 complete them ... i was expecting 90mins ... oops

so off we go. now to be fair, our lecturer has always said the main problem with cisco exams, will be running out of time. little did i realise ....

i finish question 48 and a quick look at the timer tells me i have 9mins left ... whew, gonna at least get to answer all the questions ... b00m !!

the "pop up blocked" bar starts flashing like crazy at the top of my browser window ... no worries, right click and tell it to allow pop-ups ...

omfg ! wtf ... seriously seriously what the fuck ???

the answers for questions 37-48 have all fucking disappeared ... nooooooo !! noooooo!!

oh yes they have ... i now have 9mins to answer 14 questions ... fcuking bad beat city and not a poker table in sight ... think i remembered half the answers i'd previously entered ... and the rest ??

sometimes you really have to just go with "the feeling" ...


Donkey Face said...

Well done on passing the exam!

dD said...

thanks df :)

Mike & Lou said...

congrats and keep at it.

My CCNP expires in a couple of months and tbh dont know if I can bothered putting my brain through it again. I did at one time have ambitions for the IE, but after 3 months of studying I picked up super systems one night instead of ciscopress and didnt bother going back.

All the best

dD said...

thanks mike.

for the time being i will indeed stick at it, best option for me at the mo !!

ccnp, nice one.

may want to chat with you further on this, assuming i get my ccna of course :)