Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Book of Revelation

welcome back, gentle reader

i dont often post this early in the week as i am usually too tired after a herd weekends graft ... graft=beer+poker+late nights :) this weekend was no different ... lmfao !! i wish *)
started well enough, Acorn phoned and asked if i fancied a wee live game over at his cousins. who was i to refuse ? he was doing the driving :) there were only five of us and it was a £5 rebuy with Acorn and i ending heads up

with his AJ v my A9 .... a 9 on the turn, big cheer .... J on the fawking river boooooo !!

i'll fire this piece in here 'cause i cant remember the exact timeline .... but according to my stats, blog type stats that is, i had been getting over a dozen (wow) visits a day ... with nary a comment in sight .... not surprising you say, considering some of the drivel i write :)
i have to say i was very curious as to whom these visitors were. then i was talking to the mrs on the phone .... lots of stuff came out, but the pertinent one was, you guessed it, she reads my blog ... fawk me !! the more i thought about it the less surprised i was. the troubling thought was she was reading but not telling, go figure, huh. anyway, she was less than impressed with a few things, blog related, but so be it, i have nothing to hide.
my main thought was, yey ! the truth is out there ! (x-files theme tune just rattled thru your brain, didn't it) at last, perhaps a new beginning for us ?? her idea of a new beginning was not quite my idea ... she never spoke to me for three fucking days.

i am very much a if-you-might-not-like-the-answer-dont-ask-the-damned-question type of person and that goes for this blog. dont like it ? dont read it. ( then again, perhaps
Rosie is correct "you are a man and therefor a cunt" )
of course, whats written here, could of course be misconstrued, misinterpreted and just taken the wrong way, then again, many a "funny" comment or line in a chat box has started more than one blog war !!

if in doubt, seek clarification :)

so what happened saturday ... lol tried playing whack-a-mole-nlhe .... thats right .... multi-tabling where there are more games going than you have available screen space .... lol the table pops up and whack ! decision time, in like 3 secs before the next one pops up ! great fun but i do need a larger bankroll to get to grips with it :)

sunday was a rTr admin v us v serfs or along those lines. my excuse for not winning ? by the time i shoved ... my 44 dominated Lou's AK :) i think the obligatory A fell somewhere ... i was feeling like shit and really only wanted to go and lie down :) honestly.
there was one very interesting hand i played against this pro fish and his comment "it doesn't make sense" when i bet the river, made me mighty happy. not everyday a pro comments like that :)

Level III (25/50) - 9-max
4: ResdentEvil (2515 in chips)
Seat 5: simonjjj (2230 in chips)

*** HOLE CARDS *** [Jd Th]

*** FLOP *** [Kd 4d Qd]

ResdentEvil: bets 50
simonjjj: raises 150 to 200
ResdentEvil: calls 150

*** TURN *** [Kd 4d Qd] [Ah]

ResdentEvil: checks
simonjjj: bets 300
ResdentEvil: raises 300 to 600
simonjjj: calls 300

*** RIVER *** [Kd 4d Qd Ah] [3d]

ResdentEvil: bets 600
simonjjj said, "dont make sense"
ResdentEvil said, "call :)"
simonjjj said, "should have shoved turn"
simonjjj said, "flopped 2 pr"
ResdentEvil said, ":))"
simonjjj: calls 600

*** SHOW DOWN ***
ResdentEvil: shows [Jd Th] (a flush, King high)

simonjjj said, ";dsijriuers"
simonjjj: mucks hand
ResdentEvil collected 2900 from pot
simonjjj said, "nh"
(btw he did indeed flop 2pr, but i would have called his shove :)

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