Tuesday, 16 September 2008

weather Vane

welcome back, gentle reader

today is ... well ... grey. go ask acorn how monotone today is. and yes, thank you very much mrProlific it is, of course, raining. in fact, its been raining since i read that damned "wet" post of yours .... or was it a "wet" comment ? strange but true, we brits have a peculiar penchant for discussing the weather :(

lack of posts btw due to real life. so much so i am making four withdrawals from four sites. well someones gotta pay the gawd damned road tax, so it might as well be you lot :) wonder how long this will take, for some reason i have it in my head to request cheques, go figure, huh ?

so for some reason which escapes me at the moment, i fired up bet365 ... was that the charity game we played there ? anyway, had a whopping $8 lying there ... assuming the imaginary exchange rate is 2:1 ... found a set of tournies where you win double your buy-in top 5 pay :) so off i go at the $1 game and fire up two cash tables to keep me company.

the tourney's were fun ! standard of play ... horrific :) bubbled the first then won the second and so on. so my balance is slowly going south due to the 20c rake :)
the cash table was much better. tripled up to $3 ... then this hand sent me over the edge ...

with $3.11 i get dealt AKo and raise it up by 20bb and get two callers

flop KT4 with two diamonds ... i have no diamonds

i push for the remainder of my stack, got the other two just covered ....

ho hum, diamond on the river and one chaser has A6 diamonds ... of course

leaving me with ... 9 fucking cents, bastard !

oh boy, this could get ugly, so please children, dont try this at home !

so i deposit $50 ... bin the cash tables ... and fire up some $5 and $10 and a $20 in there somewhere, double up tourneys .... i know, i know, its so bad to chase ...

long story very short ?

my vanity tilt induced re-load balance of $50 ... finished up at $106 ... w00t :) or should that be whew ...

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