Friday, 14 August 2009

he holds him with his glittering eye - pt 4

welcome back, gentle reader

that site i got chat banned. really shot the other players in foot, thanks. had a +$16 night, thanks. form continued last night with +$9 :)

***** balance $719 .... get fucking in there !!

and all without stepping up, lmfao, i am such a fucking pussy.

so still playing 1c/2c & 2c/5c pl08b. been dabbling in the micro H.O.R.S.E as well, just for a bit of variation and break the monotony of the grind. played over 4 tables going +$2 +$2 +$1 +$4 which is not bad, considering all the games are limit. the biggest game i've noticed going on is $3/$6 and i look forward to playing there .... in xx years :) would like to give the 8-game cash tables a go as well, but they are only 6 max, can you make money on a 6-max limit table, lol .... and get this, there was one guy sat at a $20/$40 with $800 obv looking for a game :) and omfg, there was a guy sat at the $400/$800 with $20,000 .... one day mofu's, one day ....

now there's a question, what 'roll do you need for limit games ?

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