Thursday, 12 May 2011

Hippopotamus do not laugh easily

welcome back

I had a rare opportunity to be at home one midweek night this week. we were all sat round the table eating dinner.
my FOUR year old daughter picked up her mug to take a drink of water, which she promptly spilled all over herself. She put the mug back down, looked at her wet top and wet shorts and said, in a very very loud voice ....

"Fucking Hell"

my two boys were almost wetting themselves laughing, I just managed not to spit my dinner all over the table, my mrs had tears streaming down her face, in fact, the only non-impressee was the mother-in-law !
its just so good to know that her command and use of the English language is so advanced for a 4yr old. it's moments like that that make you sooo proud to be a parent, as the advert says, priceless !

pleasant dreams

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