Friday, 5 April 2013

Should have stayed in bed ? Probably.

welcome back

not a lot happening at the virtual felt. Been at home a lot over the past week or four. The Mrs, 3 kids, two cats yada yada yada. And fell off the wagon lots of times, lol, so my balance is yoyoing between 350-400 on a seemingly constant basis. Back on the wagon for tonight so lets see how the weekend progresses/regresses.

Last night was a classic example. Playing cash and one forum game. Could easily have been first out because I played the first few orbits like the table loon but managed to get away with it. Eventually ended up HU with one of the forum ladies. Of course, by this point, the cash tables have been ignored, sigh. Should have won but a bad cold and woolly head decided otherwise, honest. Fairly sure the lady in question will be well chuffed to have kicked the Resident 08 donkeys ass -)

Away from the felt but still cyber related ....

I have an ageing XP desktop with 60gb HDD .. filled the HDD when I backed up the kids iPod thingy to said HDD .. could not figure out how to remove this (about 12GB worth, ugh) .. the pc decided enough was enough and retaliated by running like a very slow snail, oops.

 (I just did auto backup of the apple thingy thinking it would let me decide where the backup would be stored .. err, no. should have picked manual backup, obv. And saved it to the very empty 250GB HDD)

 I could have reinstalled XP from the hidden partition but no-one wanted that as they might lose “something” important from the HDD .. funny thing is, no-one can ever tell you what that “something” is when you ask them

mrs Res was so not impressed by my ineptitude …. And “asked” what I was going to do to sort the problem ….

With XP being on a hidden partition I cant even fire it onto the empty 250gb hdd …. Solution ! buy windows 7 dvd.

Long story short, found selling win8 pro at intro price of £50 (MS have withdrawn this offer and win8 basic is £100 and the pro version is £190 .. result !!!! )

Other wee problems regards the ageing desktop -

It had a CD drive - win 8 pro is on a dvd
Buy new dvd drive
New dvd drive is SATA i/f
Desktop has IDE motherboard .. aaaarrgh !!!!

This is now getting redic but I need to solve it as H will string me up if I cant get the new windows installed, sigh

Buy an IDE/SATA converter (small pcb that plugs into IDE port on motherboard)
Buy SATA data cable
Buy SATA power cable
Buy two IDE (molex) to SATA power adapters (one for the small pcb and one for the dvd drive)
Buy IDE “Y” power splitter cable

Takes me back to building PC’s and installing hooky copies of win95/98 and win NT4 and NT server lol, ah those were the days

Anyways, after a whole lot of forkn about, I get the BIOS to see the new dvd drive and the blank 250gb hdd ….  insert win8 disk …. A bit more forkn about wi the install options and it formats the hdd to NTFS with 298 available .. that’s when I realised it was a 300gig hdd lol

Within an hour, maybe less, its installed and boots to the metro screen J

(quick trial clicking various tiles and it seems to be working)

It’s at this point I realise mrs Res wont have a clue how to use the damn thing and she wants it “usable” come hell or high water. Had to rip out all the new stuff and put all the XP stuff back in, ho hum.

In York today & tomorrow so will put the win8 stuff back in at the weekend, will let you know if its as “bad” as the critics make out.

(( I’m in the wrong job, I should be a writer or something of that ilk ))

I lead such an exciting life, huh ?

pleasant dreams

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