Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Comfort Zone

welcome back

Poker - lucky if I've played 1k hands in the past 3 months. Seems like working for the man for three decades was not the only thing I was burnt out on.

Rather than go back to work for the man, I'm currently investigating the self-employed market. Scary shit when you've been PAYE all your life. Well and truly out my zone. The more I trawl the net and sign up for job sites, the more recruiters who phone me, promise the earth but nothing materialises, the more I edit my CV, the more comfortable I'm beginning to feel.

Moving up a buy-in ? Learning a new variation, anyone ?

The poker parallels are quite surprising. On any given job site, knowing when to fold (not apply) or raise (apply), is probably the same as sitting at the virtual felt. That's a ton of patience and whole lot of folding.

Once something, virtual or real world, turns up, I'll be back, probably.

pleasant dreams


Juffin Halli said...

Why you left poker?

dD said...


I certainly have not left .... more of a hiatus ....