Friday, 15 February 2008

an apple a day ...

welcome back, gentle reader

like you, my mates show no imterest in my poker playing. then one of them sends me this email ... his new nickname is "feathers" ...

Dear toomuchpoker,

I was playing poker (Texas Hold'em style) yesterday on my Ipod - I'm sure the dam thing cheats.
Only me and one other player left at the table.
I got dealt a pair of fives, first three cards on the table - 3 fours, so I start to raise.
Next card on the table another Five.
The other guy goes all in, I have enough to cover it with about $60 to spare.
The other guys cards are shown, a three and a seven !
So I'm thinking there's no way he's gonna beat me here.

Now have a guess at the only card that could scupper me from taking the pot.

And whats the last card dealt on the table ?
Another Four !
Gives us both 4 of a kind, the decider being the next highest card in our hands which is his Seven !
Tell me the $0ddin' thing isn't cheating.
I was spittin' feathers. :-((

i did not have the heart to tell him this is "normal" on 'stars


Matt said...

LOL! Welcome to the world of online poker stars style eh? ;-)

Amatay said...

lol, siiiiiiik beat