Monday, 4 February 2008

January Sales

welcome back, gentle reader.

fulltilt $6
pokerstars $320

and another month gone. thankfully for me, it was a winning one overall. i find it rather ironic that while playing the same game, same sort of levels, at two different sites, that i can win on one and just break even on another.

so whats the difference ? damned if i know, so if you know, please let me in on the secret.

i was going to list the remainder of January results ... but being a lazy sod i have not recorded all the games i played. the only ones i have a note of are the ones i have received a congrats email. whats the point in listing them in isolation ... if i do that, it looks like i never lose !!
and my bankroll certainly says otherwise.
time to start some decent record keeping, then i'll have a true reflection of my play. and of course when i get fed up grinding the $1 level at fullTilt and start playing way outside my bankroll.

friday night there, i joined a few friends ( mair, matty & mark ) at rTr, for our habitual weekly dose of HORSE. good times with more than a few laughs :) this donkathon usually costs me money ! but i actually played half decent and made twenty odd bucks, woot !

hope u enjoyed yourself pokerlass :) ... we certainly enjoyed your company.

saturday night brought a new experience, for me anyway. "Saturdays with dr pauly" which was a $10 PLO torney with mostly american bloggers.
i was late to the party and joined in with 20 mins on the clock ... and AlCantHang & Surflexus sat opposite me ! There were only 3 or 4 brits in this thing, cmon guys, its all good fun ... and a fair few donkey moves being pulled !
so dont be shy, come join the party next week, details on the left.

guess who did the walk of shame ? none other than the mighty fuel55 ... he he he.

ffs, just noticed from the hh that fuel55 was sat at my table ... fk fk fk ... well, when else am i gonna get to play with big buck players ... damnit

only two hands of note for me.

here i make a stupid call, considering i thought AlCantHang had bullets as well. i did lay it down on the flop when Al pushed, as expected, on this scary board.

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ResdentEvil [Ac 4h 6c Ad]
millerd33: calls 30
on_thg: calls 30
TrellisJr: folds
BigHeeb91: calls 30
ResdentEvil: calls 30
smizmiatch: folds
bob labah: calls 30
AlCantHang: raises 210 to 240
surflexus: folds
millerd33: calls 210
on_thg: folds
BigHeeb91: folds
ResdentEvil: calls 210
bob labah: folds
*** FLOP ***
[Jc 6s Js]
millerd33 said, "before u shove the flop al"
millerd33 said, "is there a bounty?"
AlCantHang: bets 500 and is all-in
millerd33: folds
ResdentEvil: folds
millerd33 said, "hahaah"
AlCantHang collected 840 from pot
AlCantHang: shows [As Ah 3d 3s] (two pair, Aces and Jacks)

so i dribble em away and getting a little short, i get it in pre-flop, with the best of it, only one caller, and in true 'stars fashion i get well and truly spanked millerd ... ho hum

Seat 1: ResdentEvil (830 in chips)
Seat 3: bayne_s (4350 in chips)
Seat 4: AlCantHang (1110 in chips)
Seat 5: surflexus (1485 in chips)
Seat 6: millerd33 (1505 in chips)
Seat 7: on_thg (1510 in chips)
Seat 8: TrellisJr (3490 in chips)
Seat 9: BigHeeb91 (3390 in chips)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to ResdentEvil [3s 2d Ad As]

BigHeeb91: folds
ResdentEvil: calls 50
bayne_s: folds
AlCantHang: folds
surflexus: calls 50
millerd33: raises 225 to 275
on_thg: folds
TrellisJr: folds
ResdentEvil: raises 555 to 830 and is all-in
surflexus: folds
millerd33: calls 555

*** FLOP ***
[Kd Qh Qd]

*** TURN ***
[Kd Qh Qd] [7s]

*** RIVER ***
[Kd Qh Qd 7s] [Ts]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

ResdentEvil: shows [3s 2d Ad As] (two pair, Aces and Queens)
millerd33: shows [Kc 4d 9d Kh] (a full house, Kings full of Queens)
millerd33 collected 1785 from pot

well, there is always next week.

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