Thursday, 19 February 2009

f.m.w.a.p.s. - pt 1 & pt 2

welcome back, gentle reader

after you've read this. i'm sure you'll say heard it, seen it, been there, got the t-shirt, video .... and the sore ar$e :)

pl08b micro stakes last night. limped into a multiway pot and flopped the nut flush and second nut low .... w00t .... an early position donk bets small and i pot it .... leaving him 8c to re-raise me with, which he duly does ....
at this point two things happen .... another window pops to the front AND my two year old decides its time for a swan dive off the sofa arm onto daddy .... apart from a near fucking heart attack i extricate enough of the wee one so i can see the screen, fold the current game window and click on the game where mrDonk has re-raised me .... remember, 8c re-raise .... one fucking microsecond before my finger hits the mouse button .... the game i am trying to reach pops to the front .... and i hit the gawd damn fucking fold button .... sigh .... bye bye buy-in

thats when i uttered the immortal words .... f.m.w.a.p.s

in phonetics as my wee one is at the serious parrot stage. and then there was a knock at the door .... a smartly dressed young american man bearing a pokerstars id stood there .... with his designer pointy stick .... "aw naw, nae loob" I muttered ....

not long after, with the wee one crashed flat out on the sofa, i returned to the virual felt. with the usual array of tables open i flat call a raise from the blinds .... the raiser is a solid regular and i love to catch these guys out, oh and raising from the blinds seems to happen all to often for my liking, so i flat call in early position with a s00ted A2xx .... four of us see the flop come down all low and two of my suit :) as expected, the raiser pots it and I flat call not wanting to scare off the two behind me and they duly flat call. the turn is another low giving me the nut low and , i guess, the solid regular raiser from the blinds the nut low as well .... again she pots and we all flat call. the river is a diamond, yes my diamond, my nut flush. she pots it and is all in .... another game window pops to the front and i quickly fold my hand .... except it was not another window that popped to the front, for some strange unknown reason i just thought it had, i just folded the nut nut hand .... sigh .... bye bye 3 buy-ins

thats when i uttered the immortal words .... f.m.w.a.p.s .... no phonetics

knock knock went the door, same young man with pokerstars id, same designer pointy stick, "aw naw, nae loob" I muttered .... again

apparently I will walk "properly" within a week, sitting down may take a wee bit longer.

scariest thought of all .... surely not the exact same pointy stick he visited littleAcornMan with the other week ? that is a truly disturbing vision ....


Littleacornman said...

You got the designer stick? Wow! I'd be honoured to get fcked over by Stars with a stick of that quailty :-))

Anonymous said...

Your tags made me smile!

Great to meet you at the weekend mate, hopefully our paths will cross again!

Mair said...

Hiya hun was gr8 to see you at the weekend even tho we didnt get much time to chat.

Ive finally got my blog going again can you pls link me up :)