Saturday, 7 February 2009

He holds him with his glittering eye - pt 1

welcome back, gentle reader

two nights ago I "cruised" through the $200 landmark, finishing the night with $205.67 safely locked into my stars account. no big deal, except I had not realised how much it actually meant to me !
Four or five nights ago I got my balance up to 197, thinking I would easily crush that pesky 200 barrier, only a single buy-in at 1c/2c .... and the bubble burst, all the fucking way down to 180 (and not a dart in fucking sight) meh. lmfao b00m headsot indeed.

my doomswitch got well and truly flicked. or else it may have been ....

a series of bad beats .... read playing a lot of crap starting hands .... aka my fault
getting mightily rivered .... read going to showdown with way less than the nuts .... aka my fault
pre-flop raises getting called left, right and centre .... read unable to fold pre-flop monsters on a train wreck flop with 4+ donks in the hand .... aka my fault

anyway, i was about to say, you may or indeed may not remember, I have been grinding away at the pl08b microstakes for roughly the past 3 months. well, seriously grinding, bearing in mind i am a self confessed recreational player, so multi-tabling the old hi-lo 4 card bingo was a little daunting :)
but stars, god love 'em, have 1c/2c for starters, so where else could i go :)

the other reason for using stars is simply the software .... streets ahead of the competition for this simple reason. The table requiring action pops to the front ....

and it stays at the front until you make a choice.

All the other sites, bar none, bring the action window to the front, but, big but actually, they do not keep it at the front until you make your choice. As soon as another table requires a descision, it pops to the front, irrespective of whether you have made a descision on the previous table or not !

well thats the way they work on my systems, one running xp and the lappy running vista.

so back to the grinding. when i started this it was due to my fondness of pl08b and the fact i was sick to death of nlhe, i had more or less $100 on stars. it may only have been $50 but we'll give it the benefit of doubt.
so two nights ago i broke the $200 landmark, thanks to a third place in a limit 08b tourney and also to a nice wee hand which we will get to shortly. it was only a wee tourney, but hey, third is third, especially since most of the peeps are nlhe donkeys :) and you know how difficult it is to play against punters who basically have no clue :)

Dear ResdentEvil,
You finished the tournament in 3rd place. A $15.00 award .... :)

oh and that hand.
well one guy seemed to know what he was doing, but the guy doing the raising when the board paired, well .... as they say, you decide.

PokerStars Game #24666832808: Omaha Hi/Lo Limit ($0.25/$0.50) - 2009/02/06 18:56:56 ET
Table 'Bellona VIII' 10-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 1: tccrasher ($19.40 in chips)
Seat 3: adogzilla ($9.50 in chips)
Seat 4: jay_jaywalk ($10.85 in chips)
Seat 5: masher_05 ($8.25 in chips)
Seat 6: stapler19 ($14.65 in chips)
Seat 7: Bocman ($10.50 in chips)
Seat 8: poo500 ($5 in chips)
Seat 9: ResdentEvil ($10.05 in chips)
Seat 10: tharjus ($1.45 in chips)
Bocman: posts small blind $0.10 poo500: posts big blind $0.25

*** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to ResdentEvil [Ac 9d Ah 3d]

ResdentEvil: calls $0.25 masher_05: raises $0.25 to $0.50 Bocman: calls $0.40 ResdentEvil: calls $0.25

*** FLOP *** [6h As Kc]

Bocman: checks ResdentEvil: checks masher_05: bets $0.25 Bocman: calls $0.25 ResdentEvil: raises $0.25 to $0.50masher_05: calls $0.25 Bocman: calls $0.25

*** TURN *** [6h As Kc] [6s]

Bocman: checks ResdentEvil: bets $0.50 masher_05: calls $0.50 Bocman: raises $0.50 to $1
ResdentEvil: raises $0.50 to $1.50 masher_05: raises $0.50 to $2
Betting is capped
Bocman: calls $1 ResdentEvil: calls $0.50

*** RIVER *** [6h As Kc 6s] [Tc]

Bocman: checks ResdentEvil: bets $0.50 masher_05: raises $0.50 to $1 Bocman: calls $1 ResdentEvil: calls $0.50

*** SHOW DOWN ***

masher_05: shows [4c Td Ts 3c] (HI: a full house, Tens full of Sixes)
Bocman: mucks hand mucked [Ad 4s 6d 5s]
ResdentEvil: shows [Ac 9d Ah 3d] (HI: a full house, Aces full of Sixes)
ResdentEvil collected $11.85 from pot
No low hand qualified
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $12.25 Rake $0.40

It may only be "limit" but fuck me, almost doubling your buy-in in a single hand ....

so that was the 200 well and truly crushed :) by a whopping 5 bucks .... but last night i wanted to play in a $5 tourney .... which dropped me right on 200 .... oh oh ....
but, thankfully i blagged first in the wee mtt

PokerStars Tournament #139154084, HORSE
Buy-In: $5.00/$0.50
Total Prize Pool: $70.00
Dear ResdentEvil,
You finished the tournament in 1st place. A $35.00 award .... :)

and, I say, and, I picked up a few more schekkels at the cash tables. So thats 200 out of the way, right ? sitting at 237 so as long as I dont go playing to many tourneys ....

thinking about it my balance should have been higher by $6 or so. I had a great table at 2c/5c managing to double my buy-in .... but I donked, and I mean donked, off two buy-ins at 1c/2c .... sigh .... honestly, what a fucking donk I am sometimes.

and finally ....

pt omaha stats :)

1c/2c 9604 hands +$59.64 (pl08b)
2c/5c 3732 hands +$26.19 (pl08b)
5c/10c 190 hands -$2.81 (limit 08b)
10c/20c 383 hands +$3.75 (limit 08b)
10c/25c 23 hands +$0.25 (no limit 08b)
10c/25c 764 hands +$10.65 (pl08b)
25c/50c 513 hands +$36.35 (limit 08b)

the above stats are all from sessions played on my laptop and very pleasant reading they make. The following stats are from the pc and although they show an overall profit, there are some train wreck stats in there too.

1c/2c 6893 hands +$31.25 (pl08b)
2c/5c 3292 hands +$65.17 (pl08b)
5c/10c 643 hands -$0.19 (limit 08b)
10c/20c 932 hands +$0.07 (limit 08b)
10c/25c 353 hands -$1.65 (no limit 08b)
10c/25c 403 hands -$22.10 (pl08b)
25c/50c 157 hands -$3.65 (limit 08b)

25c/50c 75 hands -$19.65 (no limit 08b)
25c/50c 47 hands +$5.10 (pl08b)

lmfao, not at the time obviously, but how many fucking beers did I have during the no-limit 25/50 session ? Must have been sitting in the pub with Sir Al Cant Hang ....

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