Sunday, 26 April 2009

ahh ffs

welcome back, gentle reader

just played my first britblogger for donks .... as in ages !

smokkee on my left and bayne on tha table too :) played it tight. then dealt the hammer and min raise and smokkee calls. flop x27 .... wheee .... small bet and he calls, same on turn and river, he folds on river .... i wait to proudly show .... cards disappear .... automuck is on .... aaaaarrgghhh.

should have sat out there and then.

then gott JJ and one caller (bayne u bastard !! ) to a small raise. flop was ten high rainbow, i bet he raises i call and same thing on turn and river .... he has 33 and the 3 on the flop ffs, and thats me crippled. very next hand QQ and i am all-in against AK .... the Q on the flop gets me back to t570.

then i get AJ and push .... smokkee calls with AK .... gg me .... bollox, oot in thirty something, bollox to nlhe !

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