Thursday, 16 April 2009

wherefor art thou, dudley ?

welcome back, gentle reader.

where indeed, eh ?

lol nice to see some people still stop by :) cmon. own up, how many thought i'd taken one shot to many and gone completely busto ? and how many filed a missing persons report ?

of course i have not actually been anywhere as such. quite simply being doing the same old same old with one slight difference. been playing on my laptop, no biggie, but i have been playing in the living room, wow, in the company of the real people who make up my family :)

bloody hell its a hard fucking grind !

never realised how much concentration 4-card bingo takes ! what with the tv droning in the background, the mrs wittering on about such and such, the two year old wanting to know what "daddy-fish" is doing ( kid you not, thats what she shouts when the laptop appears ! ) its a wonder in itself that i aint busto.

as you know if you follow along here at all, i have been grinding the 4-card bingo on stars lowest limits 1c/2c pl08b with not bad results, getting past the 100 then 200 and finally 300 ....

then i returned to the land of the living :(

i know you should not set monetary goals and i dont as such. all i have been doing is trying to break through the next $100 barrier. no time limit so no pressure really. i almost posted a few weeks back about busting the 400 but didn't quite get around to it .... thats when i hit a downswing and dropped to 380 and have been stuck there for a couple of weeks ! the only real reason i dropped so much was an insane impulse dial-a-shot at 1/2 limit :(

and thats as much ball busting bankroll breaking as i can take, what a fucking woose, huh ?

you know, i read somewhere that the sign of a good player is not how much he wins, but how much he does NOT lose. ( played for 2 weeeks and won fuck all but lost fuck all, how can i not subscribe ) and i firmly agree with that one. now i may not be the greatest player but i do think i am better than average, maybe even capable of getting into that top 10% who actually make money. thats the idea of the grind and the bankroll management, get enough to progress to the next level.

stars next level, out of my comfort zone and bankroll is a fairly hefty jump up to 10c/25c which is a fucking huge jump from 1c/2c and 2c/5c.
going from a $3 or $6 buyin to a $15 min buyin is a hell of a jump and potentially bankroll bursting frightener .... question is, what sort of roll are we looking at to play the 10c/25c ????

another wee thing i read which i now firmly subscribe to is the art of multi-tabling. over the months i have found that having to few tables open leaves one wide open to the fucking disaster of playing way to many hands and by the simple law of averages, playing to many hands means you must be playing some real crap starting hands .... bad enough at nlhe but what a real fucking train wreck at pl08b !!

and as my (winning) friend acorn has stated on more than one occaision, volume is key ! hence my push to multi-table. it really is the only way to get said volume in for cash players at any rate, especially 4-card bingo cash players, well, sometimes a table can run as low as 30 hands per hour ffs, yours truly slowing the action down when required :)

as billy connolly says, noo where wiz a .... ah yes ....

so got stuck short of the next 100 barrier and then two nights ago i played a blinder and on multiple tables no less. it is soooo goot to run volcanic after two weeks in the doldrums !

oh come on, making 1000 bb's in one session is not to be sniffed at !

sorry, but i cant sniff at it ! and for me it was prolly the biggest session i have ever put in, in a single sitting, getting on for, in fact over, 1000 hands ffs. think i was equally chuffed to break two barriers in the one go ! w00t !!!!

before i go, just in case you missed it, what sort of roll are we looking at to play the 10c/25c ????

so i have crashed the $400 barrier, as ever, lets keep it there :)


Mr Origami said...

I have seen it writ that you need at least twice your NLHE bankroll to play PLO I think. Although something is running around my head saying 5x but I cant see that...surely?

Littleacornman said...

Good to see you back mate and nice work on the roll!