Monday, 12 July 2010

micromania, donks an double donks, Resdent not good at big stack, dqb

welcome back.

not sure wtf is going on but there have been a huge number of nlhe donkeys playing the penny 08 tables. I know they are nlhe donkeys .... they think a set of aces is good on a flushed, low board .... wtf ? seriously wtf ? ah well, its their pennies as the saying goes :)
micromania you say ? eh ? lol, certainly racks up the fpp's and us penny pincher's need all the help we can get. long may it continue ! the end of July you say ....

played a wee 08 private tourney (
Spazz Radio ?, I think) at the weekend. only 2-3 tables and jus for fun. except i got it into my head that "this is my game, i wanna win". I'm not usually like that so it was all a bit weird. so time marches on, finally 5 of us left, I'm the huge chip leader .... other 4 had roughly 4k each and i'm on 15k and then theres a break. just as I stand up, the comment flashes into the chat box .... "Resdent not much good at the big stack" .... had that appeared a split second later I'd have missed it and been none the wiser ....
I typed "its Omaha, not fcuking nlhe", but I wisely didn't hit return. It's a forum game and a bit of fun so whats the point of upsetting peeps. really can't be arsed with the aggro tbh :)
anyway, I hit the perfect riposte by taking it down, thank you (for your wise comments:)

finally, finally managed another live game with
zagga the donk, he he. get this .... 10k starting stack .... 15 minute blinds !!
did I cash ? did I fuck. did zagga cash ? did he fuck. did I outlast zagga ? did i fuck !! lol, so that makes me the donk ! all good clean fun .... except the view from zagg's seat, the youngish woman's arse was fucking HUGE, grossly fucking HUGE, ughh .... then again she was kinda big all over. and fuck me if she wasn't putting away a large plate of Indian food from the free buffet, double ugh. so that was zag's excuse .... mines ?
blinds 300/600 I have 16k, I raised to 1600 from mid (dont ask me, it was the std raise at my table) and the ladee on the button jams. i checked to see i had her covered and then called ....
my QQ v AQ .... yessss ........ ace on the turn, oh bugger
that was that, crippled with about 6bb I got moved to zag's table. blinds 800/1600 and two hands away from the bb I decided to shove and ran into (classic lol)
my 9T v JQ v AK .... nh,gg me

on the virtual felt, I got dealt quad aces :) that's the fourth time in as many weeks I've been dealt dqb, from the sublime to the redic !

pleasant dreams.

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Caresse Mercure said...

Fuck! That's my game:)