Thursday, 5 August 2010

just so tired

welcome back.

i had a tl,dr post lined up. the title speaks volumes. so the tl;dr will appear in dribs and drabs, lol

so i was going to post last night. but i drove (2 and a half hours) to york early o'clock monday morning, spent the morning in the office - reminds me of the old joke .... i dont mind working but that 8hr wait to go home is a bugger - last week i was on nights over preston way and i still had the paperwork. said paperwork needed to be given to the poor sap covering the works this week. so after lunch i drove over there (2 hours) and later that afternoon drove (2 hours) back to york !
so last nights post remained in my head as i was just too fucking tired.

for the last two years my home station has been york. been fairly lucky that at least half of that was spent on site / working from home :) got me in some serious hot water though, with project managers and line managers - they think you can run a civils job from a desk, luck my fife indeed. the next set of 30 odd sites would have kept me busy for the next 2 years (assuming i didn't get the fucking bullet) .... networkrail didn't give us the work but have asked their maintenance division to do it. here's hoping maintenance make a rip roaring fuckup of the works .. its 100% non life threatening if they do, since its not track or signalling related, its not even safety critical .. they fuck up, we might get the work back, yey !
so for the time being, i'm driving a desk, ugh. also had to start lodging thru the week .... its min 2hr drive each way ! from home to york. aside from me being completely and utterly fucked all the time, my bosses had taken a decidely dim view of my tavelling .... fair comment, i suppose .... i do have a company car after all.

still, my mrs now reckons i am a Company Man.

yeesh, after reading that I think I'm turning into
waffles !! (way to fucking mild - Ed)

pleasant dreams

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rubbish said...

How are you mate? Sounds like work is dragging. Could be worse, could be lying on the settee all day, wanking like Jonesy.