Thursday, 19 August 2010


welcome back.

just a quickie, sorry. sure I've mentioned this before .... but that game on FT is a motherfucking rake generating whore ! yup, tried it again last night and dropped a buy-in, bugger. should have known better than to play 6-max - why the fuck do they not have full ring O8 tables ? bastards.
I got half of it back playing standard full-ring, tyvm - please remind me not to try again, at least until I have a roll on FT ffs.

Not a lot to report. been playing the
wsop most nights. all good fun. not won fuck all (two in the money, one of those a second spot). surprisingly, my stars roll still going in the right direction, although ever so slowly.
not bad considering most buy-ins are $5 and the fact i've only been playing the tourneys with no cash tables .... so i can concentrate, lmfao !
all the good its done, i'm gonna open some cash to keep tonights tournament company. might not be too bad an idea, since I'm "used" to multi tabling :)

tonight its RAZZ .... know what ? I've never played a RAZZ tourney, fml !!

pleasant dreams

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