Tuesday, 24 August 2010

i fought the bed and ....

welcome back.

.... the bed won.

had a wtl;dfr (way to long;didn't fucking read) uber post lined up but .... the bed in my digs needed fixing. there were 3 nails sticking out where they really shouldn't have been. in fact, there should not be any nails ! wtf ?
its one of those cheap "pine" beds. a flatpack special. previous roomy obv broke the fucking thing and tried a bit of DIY to fix it. basically hammered in a load of fucking nails to re-attach the slat support rail to the main frame .... now, eddie the english was a lovely lovely lass, but, to put not to fine a point on it, she was a fat cunt. so at some point the slat support rail parted company from the frame, hence the botched DIY.
so i thought, easy, remove the 3 nails, DRILL three holes, insert 3 screws, job done .... err no. 17 nails and 8 screws later .... job done, fml

on a slight side note, my kids beds are the same basic design .... except my bed has nice round finnials atop the legs .... kids beds have SHARP wooden corners atop the bottom legs .... i know they are sharp, my lower legs will be used as evidence ( my testimony reads thus - after coming into contact with sharp corners, lots of "bastard, you fucking bastard" or arrrggghh cunt, you fucking cunt" while collapsing in various states of distress .... ).... my mrs reads this and the beds will be on the bonfire, H&S will be rounding up the manufacturer/designers for a very public flogging and our newly appointed lawer will be issuing a lawsuit for $10 million fucking dollars .... oh and if my kids actually hurt themself .... you seen my other half when she is really really angry ??

so already wtl;dfr.

and poker. well, wsop from pokerPeoplesPlace is all done. closest i got was one 2nd place in stud8 and one cash in a nlhe donkfest :) to be fair, i did run/play like the proverbial jackass in equal measure. and the cost of all that good clean fun was $85 and i won $55 .... now thats a result !!

doesn't time fly when you're having fun ! i've a $3 omaha tourney to play, laters.

pleasant dreams

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