Tuesday, 15 February 2011


welcome back.

since i'm here i may as well post a quick one.

welcome on board to my latest reader, Lab monkey on TILT (you think i'm a lazy fukker when it comes to blogging ? stop by his place (link on right) and check his posting history ! then again, he's prolly way to busy winning sic amounts of money to make a post !!))

the cash grind :) continues apace. last night i crushed it, lol. for a whopping 350bb's .... such a shame I only, mostly, play the penny tables, ho hum.
also crushed the next level up ($10) for a whopping 3 bb's across 30 hands, lmfao !!

i cash "grind" because i can't/don't/wont commit gawd knows how many hours, to mtt's. so all you wankers, thats pro wankers btw (amagay:) really do have a fucking monster advantage over us recreational donks, bastards !

lets see, anything else .... oh yeah, I worked late tonight .... thats truly truly sic and a monster fucking bad beat ! and it was pissing down when I left work, pffft.

oh, this blog needs a makeover and a links cull .. dont say i did not warn you !

pleasant dreams


Monkey said...

Thanks for the (mostly! :P) kind comments and the add to the blogroll! Yes, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to blogging, I'll try and update a bit more in future.

Also, happy to add any other Scottish (or UK) poker bloggers, just leave a comment and i'll add the blog.


Anonymous said...


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