Tuesday, 1 March 2011

strange things happen at the 1.2

welcome back

yeesh, what an epic fail February was.

Lost my silver star status, meh, but added to the bankroll.
added $102 to my 'roll ($35 in bonus whore department, lol) the rest was all playing profit, probably $40 cash and $30 in tourney cash, ho hum.
but it was the manner in which I failed to achieve silver thats annoying. to put not to fine a point on it, I played way to many forum games and not enough cash ! no offence guys (dont think anyone from said forum reads) and as much fun as it is, it is deffo -EV from a selfishly personal point of view :)

deffo gotta knock that on the head and decide in advance which games to play .... not a good start to the month as Iron Man kicks off tonight (grrrr) and I will be playing all 10 of those games.

btw that money added to the roll was all done in the first half of the month with basically fuck all being added the second half, feels like a double epic fail now i've checked ffs.

i also really want to take another crack at the next level up, thats 10c/25c to the uninitiated lol .. I know, I'm such a fucking high roller :)

asked about on the forum and got some sound advice from the guys, one of them a pro, no less.

basically stick to pl08b, avoid the maniacs and keep it tight :) .... watch out for future posts detailing the crash and burn antics of pokerstars biggest fish lol (i've only got 10 buy-ins to squander, eek)

finishing on a high note .... there is some good stuff out there, you jus gotta get off your virtual very fat arse and look for it .... links on the right :)

pleasant dreams

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