Thursday, 17 March 2011

I damned well did

welcome back

so thats another alcohol free weekend in the books :(

to save you some time .... I've been running like a donk and playing like a coo. ty, gn.

the trouble with alcohol free time and actually playing poker, is the simple fact of memory. I can remember every single damned if, but, maybe hand that I played .... most annoying was a reg who called a lot of pre-flop action between me and a random. the reg's hand (KK66 .. wtf, seriously, what the fuck ?) hit a set and the randoms A2 held to beat my A3 .... boom boom.

my main problem when running like shit is tilt. not burnleyMik rant an a raving steaming tilt :) no, no, this is insidious tilt .... too many hands, to much calling of pre-flop raises .... and having to drop 'em all on the flop like a too hot potato. over the course of a few k hands, it all adds up, meh.

oh and there is also the problem of playing too many forum games. I really only should play 2 forum games a week. Iron Man and variation night. not me though, I continue to (mostly) donate at their nlhe donkaments. note to self - knock it on the head you fucking plonker.

so its probably just as well I have hardly played a hand at 10c/25c.

tonight is variation night, mixed 08b .... does that mean it alternates between limit and pot limit ? surely there is no no-limit round .... ho-hum.

pleasant dreams

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Amatay said...

play better u cunt :)