Tuesday, 12 August 2014


welcome back

My poker "weekend" approaches but things have changed and I'm not quite so enthusiastic about it. Oh the family are still going on their long weekend break and I'm still staying home moggy sitting.

Jet and Jemma
The situation has changed somewhat.

As you know, one moggy, Jet, was under the weather. I got Jet and Jemma in 1999 and they were probably two years old. So they are in the region of 17 years old. Not bad at all for domestic cats.

On Saturday morning and throughout the rest of the day, her condition deteriorated. She pretty much stopped eating and drinking and would only wander a couple of yards from her bed to sit in the middle of the kitchen floor. This was one of her favorite spots, right in the center of all. When she was fully fit, we used to shoo her out the door so that no-one trod on her whilst cooking the dinner or whatever other activity was taking place. It made me smile that we all, even the kids, stepped over her or round her and let her sit there, seemingly quite content.

When someone passed her, they stopped and stroked her. She did respond to this in her usual way, by purring.
She was like that. A super affectionate cat. A cat who purred like mad when she got attention.

Whenever I went into the garden and sat on the bench, Jet was right behind me and would sit beside me or in my lap, purring.

Jet sleeping cats lie.

Sunday morning she was the same. Mrs Evil phoned the vet and as luck would have it, there were two of them already at the surgery. After a lengthy conversation, the vet agreed to see us as she didn't want to wait until Monday.

I knew in my heart of hearts this would be my last road trip with my beautiful cat, Jet.

After a thorough examination, the vet confirmed what I already knew. Still a shock though. I knew this was Jet's best option and sadly agreed. I was asked to sign something but tbh, I don't really know what it was. I never expected to be quite so cut up about losing her but there you go.
It was a two stage procedure. First the vet gave Jet an anesthetic to knock her out and I cradled Jet in my arms as she went to sleep one last time.

After an all too brief period, the vet got me to lay Jet on the examination table, she checked Jet was out cold and then administered the final injection. I stroked Jet one last time and then she was gone.

I was going to have Jet cremated but Mrs Evil was adamant that I bring her home and bury her in the back garden. I'm glad my Mrs was so insistent on this.

Late Sunday afternoon I dug out Jets' final resting place.

My two youngest bade her a tearful goodbye and as I lifted the spade to start filling her grave, my eldest surprised me and insisted that he do it. I let him fill it in as much as he wanted and eventually he passed the spade back to me to do the final honor.

You know what ? I miss that cat so damn much.

pleasant dreams

(Jets final breath was at 13.45 Sun 10th August 2014.)