Tuesday, 5 August 2014


welcome back

Poker volume still rubbish. What a surprise, lol.

I'd really like to change that this coming weekend. Honest.

EDIT .... it's not this weekend, it's next weekend, bugger :( .... END EDIT

I was supposed to be going on a long weekend break with the family this weekend. Then one of my elderly cats decided she wasn't feeling particularly well. After a $$ painful trip to the vets, it became quite clear that going to the cattery was not going to be an option for my poor wee moggy. guess whose name came oot the hat to be a moggy nurse for the weekend ? Cancelling the holiday would have been financial madness, not to mention having to keep super grumpy kids here as well :(

So, just me and my two old moggy's at home this weekend. What's a man to do ....

This made me smirk .... played two hypers, got nowhere. Third one I finished 12th. Think I'll quit these as I am now two buy-ins up !!

pleasant dreams

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