Friday, 22 August 2008

4 months later

welcome back, gentle reader.

sorry folks, very little poker content but seems i missed a real fucking soup drama elsewhere.
poor old jones got himself ... well, stiffed, almost. i do believe he is sorted but poker4ever (no link as he deleted another blog !) name's now mud !!

elsewhere this fish has changed his mind again ! lol please stop, you're killing me. every time a new idea comes along i jump on board or i use my own variation of said idea, meh ! all good clean fun, generally not good for the bankroll *)

my own poker has been sailing along ...... in a fucking stormy sea, if you get my drift ... up an down like a whores knickers ... am i allowed to say that ? surely its a bit non pc ? fuck it, whatever.
so some minor successes.

$5 + $0.50 Tournament Fixed Omaha H/L
Buy-In: $5.00 + $0.50 160 players
You finished the tournament in 16th place.There has been $8.00 added to your account.

Buy-In: $0.10 lmfao the dark side again :)
360 players
You finished the tournament in 7th place.A $1.30 award has been credited ...

Buy-In: 50 FPP
936 players
$1000.00 added
You finished the tournament in 28th place.A $3.00 award has been credited ...

ha ha ha 900+ runners and i blagged a top 30 finish ?? fucking outstanding i say :)

as ever, i cannot leave pl08 alone ... and why the fuck should i ...

PL Omaha H/L
Buy-In: $10.00 + $1.00
152 players
You finished the tournament in 12th place.There has been $22.80 added to your account.

ok enough of my heroic exploits :)

trawling thru my (junk )email, found this poukker , which i did join, just for the added bonus tournaments !! lmfao dont hold your breath though ! when they get 2000 members and the freerolls kick off ... just dont say i didn't tell you.

holy fucking shit, added a new link and tried it out .... fucking awesome !! its the first link under "linkettes" ... grieta, if only u paid me baby !! i would spam the world ... then again the more people i tell ... the more people might join suggested tournaments ... fuck me, did i just shoot myself in the foot ??

speaking of such. in newcastle for a couple of days and missed battleOfTheBloggers tuesday game, meh

and i see mrProlific is , well, anything but, drop by and give him a kick !!


and on a cheerier note, for the amagays and puds, really really N.S.F.W.

( ps i cannot claim any credit for the redhead, its al Al's fault ... lucky bastard )


Littleacornman said...

Some great links there Dudley,especially that tourney redhead schedule....ahem!

Cell 1919 said...

Mr Prolific LMAO!

Just been playing so much, and you know, cash is, err, boring to read about.

Some of those linkys don't work...

TanOrpheus took me half way in and then I had to post a Cardrunners name and password. Wouldn't let me cancel it either...pahh!

The redhead one didn't either, but now it does. An e-mail of complaint is on its way to Blogger as I type ;). How's a man supposed to crush the NL5 fishies with that type of distraction?