Friday, 15 August 2008

battle of the britBloggers - pt1

welcome back, gentle reader.

i have been roused from my lethargy by these fine gentlemen.

Al and mrC and acorn

if you dont already know then pop on over for the full details, but here is a brief summary as i understand it.

3 games a week for the next four weeks which includes the britBlogger as a points scoring game. all games played on fullTilt, yeah the britBlogger is (temporarily??) moving home. its a league system and the two highest points scorers win the prizes ... all expense paid trip to the big smoke for the live recording of some cash game or other :)

btw it all kicks off tomorrow night at 19.00 our time ... wtf mrC ?? ... earlier than usual which, actually, might not be a bad thing. there will be a healthy turnout for tomorrows game as the winner gets an entry into an FTOPS event ... wow !!

all games a measly $5 buy-in usual password "donkament"

dont ask me for help finding these fucking things as i have serious probs finding them myself. the fullTilt lobby is not a friendly place to find a friendly game ... 'stars has us spoiled by showing the tourney name ... but i found it and if i can ... you can !!

oh ffs here .......

full Tilt (tournaments, private)
58147237 Brit Blogger Challenge
( server time 14.00 ) Hold'em NL $5 + $0.50

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